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Update Pt. 1

Hi Everyone. It’s been a while, and I have some time to properly update at the moment.

SO, what has been going on with me? Not a whole lot. After my second assessment, I was waiting for my psychologist to get the OK from WSIB to start therapy. She got the verbal OK, and we went ahead and booked a few sessions. The first one was today.

So what we did today was talk about PTSD, what it really is, and what it does to a person mentally. It was nice to have a professional explain it to me. Of course, I had looked it up on the internet, but to have a conversation with a professional and then have it relate to me was nice. We started with simply defining PTSD, and how to relates to me. What exactly my specific symptoms were that I was showing, and where my coping skills were being overwhelmed. To have it “personalized” was nice. It justifies how I feel, and that this is a thing that can be fixed.

We discussed goals of therapy (CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), and how they would apply to me. What exactly it was going to fix in my head, and how it was going to give me some tools to cope in the future. Booze and other drugs are not going to be part of my coping “toolbox”. That’s great news. I don’t want to use those anymore, as a coping mechanism. We discussed why substance abuse was quite a common thing with people with PTSD. Good to see/know there was a reason for it.

During the last week, I decided to get a dog. I had them when I was growing up, and have wanted one for years. He is going to serve 2 purposes. First he is a new member of the family. Second, he is going to be an un-official Emotional Support Animal. I saw a video on FB just after my last update, and it hit home.

I felt I needed a dog, and the search began. I finally found one at a local shelter. He is a 13 week old Rotti/Huskey cross. He is 24.5lbs. And his name is Harley



He is awesome. It gets me out of the house, and gives me something to do when everyone is at work/school. His calm nature, and complete and utter love and trust warm my heart. I start Puppy K Wednesday, and look forward to the time bonding.

Today was tough at therapy, as I felt quite helpless to my emotions. Even just talking about what was going to happen in therapy was enough to turn me into a blubbering mess. But to come home to a wagging tail, and tons of kisses makes you forget.

I go to therapy again on Thursday. I will be going twice a week, for approx 12 weeks. Re-assessments will be constant.

I will keep you updated, as I continue my journey.

Thanks for reading, and keep the conversation going.


  • Patty

    It will get better friend! The work you need to do is tough and uncomfortable. That being said, it’s worth the effort and so are you! Prayers!

  • Sarah

    Congratulations on Harley! He’s a handsome devil!