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Update Pt. 2

Phew. Update Pt.2. Well actually, this is not an update to do with me at all. This has to do with the CRAP we have to deal with to get the help we need. The thought of something like this happening to me, is why it took me so long to bother to go the WSIB route. While I have nothing to complain about, a good friend of mine went through this recently. I felt attention needed to be drawn towards this case. I will not give details of the call, the timeframe that it happened, or give reference to who the crew was. But please share this as much as possible, and MAYBE some from the WSIB will read this, and realize how ridiculous they can be.

So, part way through a shift, my friend and their partner did a call. After the call, they contacted a supervisor, and told them that they needed to go home. The call was horrific, and they needed to go home. They filled out WSIB paperwork. At this point in their schedule, they had half a shift left, and one more to go before a few days off. They both felt that all they needed was a few days off.

After they filled out the required forms, they were told by the supervisor they did not need to see a Dr, unless they were going to be off for a week. The supervisor was simply mistaken, and not acting maliciously. They both took the shift and a half off, with their days off, and then reported to work.

With their place of employment, they are “Bridged” for WSIB. Which means they are paid by the employer until the WSIB approves the claim, and any benefits they are due during that waiting period are then paid to the city. Once approved, you then start to collect directly from WSIB.

During that waiting period, my friend received calls rom the WSIB, to contact them. My friend left return messages, and they were never returned. Finally they got a phone call stating of they did not return the call, they were going to be denied. My friend called and left a rather direct message stating that they had been calling back, and the case manager was not returning the call. Finally they connected, and to make a long story short, my friend was told they were being denied the claim. They were being denied, due to the fact they did not see a Dr. My friend WOULD have seen a Dr, but was told they did not need to. Also, what was an ER Dr, or a family Dr going to do. They did not want meds, just a few days to process and deal with the horrible call they did. Needless to say, my friend is currently appealing. Also, it is entirely possible the employer will claw back the shift of pay that my friend took off. Regardless of a note, the half a shift will be paid. It’s the full shift in question. For some paperwork. Even when my friend told the case manager WHY they had taken the time off, there was silence from the case manager, followed by her decision that she was denied. Also to clarify for a moment, my friend was the “Attendant” on this particular call.

To backtrack just a bit, their partner did the same thing. Took a shift and a half off. reported back to work once their days off were complete. Did NOT see a Dr, as they were mistakenly told by the supervisor they did not need to. Their claim was APPROVED. Same call, same circumstances, same paperwork filled out, and same procedure followed. Even when my friend told the case manager what had happened to their partner’s claim, they were still told they were denied.

This is fucking ridiculous. Yes, I dropped an F-bomb. I feel it’s needed. This is the crap we are all afraid of having to deal with. It’s bad enough we have to deal with these situations, but then have to deal with a douche bag pencil pushers makes it totally unbearable. My friend or their partner should not have to deal with this shit. Im glad the partner did not, but I’m furious my friend is having to pursue this. Im writing this to help highlight the level of stupidity we are all afraid of having to deal with.

I hope someone over at the WSIB realizes that seeing a Dr. to not was not going to make a difference in this particular case. I hope they employer step up, and realizes the mistake that was made, and does not claw back a days pay.

Yes, we chose this line of work. Yes, we know we are going to shed crappy things in the NORMAL course of our job. But that does NOT mean, that we don’t need some time to deal, process, and be OK with the things we see.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. Please share, and keep the conversation going.


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  • Susan Lynn Kozlowski Clark

    Well put ! So dealing with you,how is the dog working out with your life ?

    • hammermedic

      Harley is a nice distraction. No matter what, he will always come over for some love. He also keeps me company during the day. He is a great addition to the family.