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Return of the Insomniac

Good morning. Well, to some of you, it’s actually good afternoon, or good evening. For me, it is currently Thursday Feb 6, 4:27 AM. Sigh.

I might have been having another nightmare. Not sure. I woke up rather suddenly, and then just couldn’t get back to sleep. No feelings of dread or anything, just the inability to fall back asleep. I was just lying in bed for a good 20-30 min. No point fighting it, and possibly waking my wife, so I came downstairs, and picked up my trusty ol’ iPad.

I started to catch up on various useless notifications, and one caught my eye. It was from an old neighbour of mine. He is a medic in another service. There was no message, simply a PDF file. Curious, I opened it. This is what it was…


Essentially, it’s a flyer, being sent around the province (Ontario), to help support Bill 67. Bill 67 is an amendment to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, basically making it “Presumptive” legislation, making it possible for first responders (Police, Fire, And Paramedics) to claim benefits as a result of post-traumatic stress from their jobs. What does this mean?? It means we do not have to PROVE that our job caused the trauma; this would simply be assumed due to the nature of our work.

This is an important Bill, for us in Ontario, and for Emergency Service personnel world wide. Alberta passed a similar Bill back in 2012. Now Ontario is looking to do the same. Hopefully other provinces, states, and countries will start doing the same.

While I had no problem with my claim, it did take time before I was getting proper help. This will hopefully change that. And this should stop BS like this 

Sigh. OK.  I know it’s early in the morning, but I can’t get the damn Link to work, to make it all nice and pretty for you. There should have been a link above that you click, and it would have brought you to my previous post, Update Pt. 2, in which I rant about a friend of mine who got denied their claim with WSIB.

Any way, I’m going to try to be there. I say try, because it is on Thursday Feb 27, at 1:00 PM. I have my regular appointment with my Psychologist at that time. I’m going to try to change it, so I can attend. I think it is very important. If you are a cop, or a medic, or a fire fighter, and you can make it, I urge you to go. If you support this Bill, I urge you to go. It is having it’s second reading at Queens Park, Main Legislative Building, at 1:00 PM on Thursday Feb. 27. For more info, Please contact MPP Cheri DiNovo’s office at Queens Park at (416) 325-0244, or via email at [email protected]

I will update you to let you know if I am going. Together, can CAN enable change. This is a great start.

Thanks, and please remember to #KeepTheConversationGoing


Also, a special shout-out to my friend on FB who sent me the same thing last night as well. I read my iMessages before my FB. [icon color=”#94d800″ size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-smiley”]