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Unexpected Generosity

Hi everyone. Just a quick entry today. Only a few things on my mind.

First is a big public thank-you. To Vince Savoia, of the Tema Conter Memorial Trust. I wanted to attend the 13th annual Tribute Gala hosted by Tema this weekend. The cost for a pair of tickets is $250. Being on WSIB made the expense unrealistic. I have 2 daughters active in sport, and they are top priority. I had declined an invitation that Vince had sent me, and about 20 minutes later, Vince contacted me and offered me 2 tickets. So to Vince, thank-you. I know I already thanked you, but considering me for the pair of tickets meant a lot.

The second thank you is for CUPE Local 905. They are the union who represents York Region paramedics. They purchased a table of tickets for the Gala, and then gave them to Vince to hand out at his discretion. So to the person/people who were responsible, thank-you.

So now I am able to attend. I will be there with my wonderful wife Cheryl. I will be wearing my Hamilton Honour Guard Dress uniform. Come say Hi if you are there!

The other thing on my mind is therapy. Sigh. It’s not easy. I have to admit, at this point, I don’t like it. At all. It’s kinda like picking a scab. You pick, some stuff comes out, scabs over, and then you pick again. And this just happens over and over again. I’m not sure what I expected though. I like my psychologist, and we seem to get along well. I do my best at the “homework” I’m assigned, but just feel…..I don’t know. I hate it. I just feel that I’m in a general funk, as nothing seems to be “happening” yet.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I have just returned home from therapy, and I have some homework to start. I was ¾ through writing this post yesterday, so I thought I would just finish it, so I can start my homework.

Oh, Harley. Growing like a friggin’ weed. Wow. This dog is growing fast. Think I’m going to have a monster here. Thats’s OK. I love him.




  • Divemedic

    Always inspiring, and always in my thoughts my friend. Keep on your road and know if you stray or need anyone to lean on you have your friends at your side.

  • Keep up the great work, kiddo. Love to you and the family xo

  • Jordan

    I’m so happy to hear that you’re attending the gala. I’ll be there working for the photographer. Please stop by and get your picture taken and if I don’t notice you, I’ll probably be behind a computer screen editing pictures. I’d love to say hi.

    (I’m friends with Vince’s daughter and we’re all from the same town. I was at the optometrist at the same time as him and I’m pretty sure I overheard him make the call to you. I’m happy that you’re coming out.)

  • Mike Bryck

    As a proud member of local 905 who voted for this table I am happy to hear that you are able to use these tickets! Have a great night!